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What services do we offer?
We offer filming and photography for just about anything. We can provide filming and photography for business, weddings and personal events and have our own studio for special requirements or photo shoots. However unusual it's certainly worth giving us a call!

Where can I see examples of your work?
Simply click the portfolio tab on this web site for filming examples or visit for photography examples.

I'm new to all this filming malarcy explain your filming techniques?
We use CCD and Cmos High definition video and photographic cameras. With an array of professional filming equipment we offer stunning shots from cranes, sliders, steadycam, dollys, aerial weather permitting and the new DSLR shallow depth of field filming with different lenses. We can do time lapse to show building over a long time compressed into a few minutes. We author productions to Bluray High Definition disks, standard DVD disks and a plethora of web media formats and sizes for online use.

How long will it be before we get our photos or video?
This is completely dependant on the production and time of the year the photography or filming is done. We like to have very fast turn a round for photography and event or show filming and also for our wedding filming service however in busy wedding season you may have to wait a few months before we complete your production as each wedding takes roughly 5-7 days to edit. We don't speed up the process to ensure when you get your production its slick and very easy to watch in beautiful high detail. We put a lot of love and creativity into the edit to ensure its timeless to watch in years to come.

How much is your deposit?
The deposit for all services is £100.00 this guarantees your date is secured and no one can take it away giving you piece of mind its booked and confirmed.

What happens if your camera goes pop on the day, weve paid a lot of money and don't want to loose those memories?
We always carry spare cameras that are the same quality as we use so if a camera did fail breaks we have a like for like spare to ensure it doesnt affect your day or production.

I have seen another company offering the same service for less?
Yes but dont expect it to be good quality and enjoyable to watch, there are many budget companies offering a video service and to be honest you get what you pay for in this industry. 2 camera men, multicam editing, specialist filming, professional audio aquiring and 1 weeks editing means a modern and edgy production that will be timeless, you can show your friends and family without worrying you're boring them, this will cost more but at least you're guaranteed to have your day captured professionally in a way thats ensures beautiful quality and is very enjoyable to watch over and over, in fact we have had many booking from friends who have seen our productions and dont forget it's also about how we interact with yourselves and guests on the day, you want a discreet but friendly service thats not pushy or demanding. You dont want conflict with your photographer and we are renowned for being photographer, church and venue friendly. We're also very accomodating if you want a specific shot of a family member or want to have some fun in the park shots - accomodating all reasonable requests and often going that extra mile to meet your needs,with no hidden costs.

Will I get a receipt for any monies paid, you could take my money and walk off with it?
Yes, we offer a receipt for any monies paid giving you piece of mind its recorded officially and keep in regular contact with you in the lead up to your special day.